Saturday, January 09, 2010

First Hike 2010 - Ends with Broken Glass

So we had a GREAT hike this afternoon.  Hiked one of our most favorite trails at Rainbow campground.  It was alot of fun seeing the forest, streams and rivers in the winter with the water running fast.  Even saw a couple of small patches of snow...just enough to make one or two snowballs (no more).  So we can say we had a snowball fight on our hike ;-)

Check out the pics on Flickr!

So what's with the "broken glass" part?!  Well, upon returning to our car at around 5pm, Carol noticed a bunch of papers on the front seat, thought that was strange and at the same time Morgan walked around by the passenger side door.  They both looked up at the passenger window at the same...Morgan screamed and jumped back as we all discovered someone had broken into our car while we were gone!

The thieves got away with Rachels little pink CD player and Morgan's iPod Shuffle so that wasn't so bad...replaceable, but the hardest part was seeing my girls terrified.  Lot's of tears, lot's of anger...if you ever had something stolen you know the someone's violated your space.  So Carol and I calmed the girls down.  We said a little prayer and checked out what was taken.

Then we had to figure out how to get home...the front passenger seat was full of glass, obviously the window was broken out, and I didn't want alot of glass flying around on the way home.  So here's the amazing parts of the story....

First, as we were leaving I did three things which I NEVER do. In fact, after we were geared up and ready to go I WENT BACK and did these things.  I decided to stick my iPhone in one of my boots in the trunk, which I decided not to wear.  I went back up front and grabbed the extra car keys and my wallet from the center console. I stuck the keys under the floor mat and stuck my wallet under Rachel's car seat.  Not sure why I did that, but they cleaned out the center console and they completely missed all three of those things.  We could've easily come back to no car.

Second, amazing thing...the week prior we had taught Sabbath school and I had left this giant piece of cardboard from our Sabbath school lesson in the trunk.  All week I kept meaning to take it out of the trunk and Carol almost took it out a few times, but didn't.  It just so happened that giant piece of cardboard made the perfect patch for the broken window allowing us a nice warm drive home. Oh and Carol decided at the last moment not to bring her purse.  Oh and no rain, not a drop!

All in all a very good day and we'll chalk this up to a $120 (deductible) learning experience about "mean people", as Rachel cried out as Carol and I comforted two frightened little girls!  Most importantly this was a great lesson in how God takes care of us when bad things happen to good people.


Celeste Bergin said...

I am always surprised that anyone can steal! They do not realize that they perpetuate their bad karma. Glad it all worked out in the end. Nice photo!

Gary Keimig said...

Wow! That is quite an experience and I can sypathize with you. Happened to me once. A very long story but sure leaves one feeling violated. Celeste is right. There is always pay-back. I just don't comprehend such things.
Nice blog. God bless and keep it up.

Joshua Turner said...

Well, it’s only natural for your daughters to feel like that. It's a terrible feeling when you lose something in a supposedly safe haven like a car. It may not have been a good way to start the New Year. But nevertheless, I hope you’ve fitted the car with some newer, tougher windows. That will definitely help, as far as security is concerned.

Joshua Turner