Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Snuffy Pupples?!

We were tuckin' Rachel in tonight and she kept saying she wanted Snuffy Pupples. Carol and I were rather confused until we figured out her 'Reeka-eze'...she simply wanted Puppy Snuffles! :)

For those of you who don't know what puppy snuffles are...have you ever had a puppy sniffin' around your neck until you couldn't stop laughing...those are puppy snuffles. Well, we're not quite as good as the puppies, but you'd never know that by giggles we get out of Rachel!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Dive at Yellow House

April2005 034
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Had a great weekend dive trip with my buddy Brian. We drove up to Hood Canal and stayed in what divers simply call Yellow House in Hoodsport. We stayed with The Dive Club, a great group of divers who welcome divers and non-divers alike into their club! The Dive Club also plans bigger trips and it sounds like they recently bought a van or bus for dive trips here in the Northwest.

Yellow House was GREAT! Man, if you're gonna' dive Hood Canal, that's the place to stay. They've got one bedroom on the main floor, two bedrooms upstairs and then they have four curtained off areas in a nice finished basement with bunk beds.

Brian and I did three dives starting with a night dive Friday night. Among other things we saw a squid, lot's of squid eggs and the highlight of the dive for me was this little octopus that probably would've fit in the palm of your hand. He was actually a septapus...he apparently got in a little fight and only got away with seven of his eight arms!

Saturday and Sunday we tried to dive a site called the Pinnacle or Sea Mount, but the water was just to rough to anchor the boat. So we ended doing a 75' dive on Saturday at Point Whitney. Found the underwater pipes with lot's of life on them, including two octopus. And then we dove Sund Rock on Sunday. Saw about four very large wolf eels and lots of lingcod, some rather large :)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Flickr Rocks!

All the pictures displayed in our blog are uploaded to a photo sharing site called Flickr. I'm so impressed with this outfit that I went ahead paid for a year subscription which is only about $41 or $3.50/mo. It's easy to upload pictures, easy to view the pictures and easy to link 'em to my blog. Family...friends....go check it out. They've even got a free level of service which simply restricts how many pictures you can up load per month, but it's a pretty reasonable number.

I love software done right!!

Mmmm...German Pancakes

March2005 070
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For Easter Sunday, we had the mom's and Karen and David over for brunch. The highlight of our brunch watching these German pancakes raise. Carol hasn't made these in a long time so she was really excited to see 'em puff up so big!

Bon Appetite! Oh...that's French...sorta'!