Monday, June 04, 2007

Finally...Our First Pony

At last we've have found our first Mr. Magic!! He's a Welsh/Quarter horse mix, 18 years, and 13.2 hands. He's just the perfect first pony we were hoping to find!

We drove down to Salem after work today to meet him. He's very calm and sweet. The girls rode him around, led him around, brushed him and Rachel even gave him a little kiss on the nose!! He's actually the first pony we felt comfortable with the girls walking around him.

So I'm sure the girls are gonna' ride me to get that fence done now!! We'll have a vet check him out this next week, but I'd be surprised if the vet found any problems. He's been well cared for!

The girls are excited although I don't think Morgan really believes the pony's coming home...she's been waiting a very long time for a pony. Carol's excited, I'm excited....let's see it's 10:30pm...gotta' go finish the fence!
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