Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Rachel speaks Reeka-eze

Can you decipher this?!

"Dih uh minuh, humpin' on my toad!"

We've been studying this language for about a year now and believe this to simply mean...

"Just a minute, something's on my toe!"

Yes, Rachel likes picking at her toe jam :-)

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Let's try blogger now

Let's see...I've designed my own websites, even hosted it myself. Fun, but I just don't have time for that. I've paid for a host and tried GeekLog. Was kinda' cool. Ditched that and tried Mambo and Gallery together. That was a really nice combo. And then...

I figured my website doesn't really draw millions of fans, nor will it ever (surprise)! So why am paying for a host when there's now some really nice, free blogs out there. I got my gmail account, set this blog up on Blogger in just a few minutes and setup a quick account on Flickr and voila'...pretty much what need for free.

Well, see how long the free thing lasts, but in the meantime enjoy!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

We gots a faaaaarrrrm truck!

March2005 005
Originally uploaded by jamesx4.
I finally put some pictures of our farm truck in the gallery. We sold our nice Dodge a while back, but realized we simply need something for hauling stuff around. So I found an old, beat up, rusted out, sorta' runs farm truck. It's a 1974 3/4 ton Chevy long bed. Being 1974, I don't have to worry about DEQ.

Unfortunately, the gas tanks on the truck have all kinds of crud in them so I had to rig up a little temporary gas tank on the front grill of the truck. Check out the pictures :) Don't worry, I'm not driving it like this on the road. But, can you imagine somebody tailgating you with that little bomb strapped to the front of their truck!

Anyhow, once I get a new gas tank on that rusty 'ole beast we can finally get some sawdust for stalls, make a dump run, haul the brick from the chimney I tore out and lot's more!!