Thursday, May 05, 2005

Morgan's First Snake Bite

So the other day I was mowing the lawn and just about ran over a garter snake. Of course, I had to catch it and call Morgan and Rachel over. When Morgan saw what I had, should could hardly wait to hold it. It was kind of a big snake, but I gave in and handed it over. It quickly wrapped itself around her arm she was in 7th heaven!

She stood there holding it for the longest time eyes big, just yackin' up a storm about snakes and how good she was at holding them. Well, I guess the snake finally got bored and started eyeing her little hand...and, sure enough, STRIKE!

He bit her right on the base of her thumb!! Of course, she screamed and jumped around and I grabbed the snake back. No sooner did I have the snake in my hands and she was already askin' if she could hold it again....little tom-boy.

The snake actually drew a little blood. She saw the blood and simply said "oh! That's not so bad!" She's quite a little trooper. Carol took her in the house wash out the bite and I went ahead and turned the snake loose. When she came back out she spent the rest of the afternoon searching for more snakes!!

Later I told her every good herpetologist gets bit from time to time. She "you're right" in a rather proud voice!!