Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Playing with dead kittens

So my mom watched the girls last week and they watched some kittens being born. Well, one of the kittens was still-born. So my mom went ahead and let Morgan "investigate" the dead kitten, a strange, but good lesson. So when I arrived to pick up the girls Morgan was very excited to show me the dead kitten. I went to the back room where it was and she pretended the kitten was alive, making it climb up this little carpeted cat tree. Yeah, that was a bit odd!

Now several days later I was putting Morgan to bed and I reminded her that the next day she was going to be staying at "NeeNee's" again. I asked what she'd like to do over there...her eyes got big with excitement as she exclaimed in her ultra-cheery voice, "I want to play with DEAD KITTENS!!"

I think we've successfully taught her not to be afraid of death...wait, is that a good thing!