Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cows for sale

So we just got back from dad and Gayle's cabin. This was probably one of our busier trips down to their cabin and we had 6 days of fun. We hiked and swam up around Lake of the Woods, did the water slides at Emigrant Lake with my nephew Devon, visited Lithia Park in Ashland, canoed in Klamath Lake and did some hiking up around Crater Lake.

As many times as I've been to Crater Lake I had never driven around the Rim. It's usually been closed when I've been up there in the past. However, it was a bright sunny day, only 65 degrees and the rim was open so we drove about halfway around the rim. The village near the lodge is nice, but some of the best viewing is along that Rim drive.

On the way down from Crater Lake we found a little picnic area next to a stream. We had the picnic area to ourselves and Morgan and Rachel played for hours in maybe a 20 foot stretch of stream building damns, mud pies, etc. Carol and I just hung out feeding the chipmunks and birds along the stream bank. I think Morgan and Rachel will likely remember that stream more than anything!!

Okay, so one funny story....while driving up to Crater Lake we drove through some cattle country on the north end of Klamath Lake. While driving along Rachel, who loves cows, practically came out of her seat with excitement, exclaiming "Dad! Those COWS are for SALE!!" I asked her what made her think that to which she replied "...look they have tags in the ears". Yes, all the cows had bright yellow ID tags hangin' from their ears. ID tags...price tags....what's the difference!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Finally...Our First Pony

At last we've have found our first pony....meet Mr. Magic!! He's a Welsh/Quarter horse mix, 18 years, and 13.2 hands. He's just the perfect first pony we were hoping to find!

We drove down to Salem after work today to meet him. He's very calm and sweet. The girls rode him around, led him around, brushed him and Rachel even gave him a little kiss on the nose!! He's actually the first pony we felt comfortable with the girls walking around him.

So I'm sure the girls are gonna' ride me to get that fence done now!! We'll have a vet check him out this next week, but I'd be surprised if the vet found any problems. He's been well cared for!

The girls are excited although I don't think Morgan really believes the pony's coming home...she's been waiting a very long time for a pony. Carol's excited, I'm excited....let's see it's 10:30pm...gotta' go finish the fence!
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm 40...all down hill from here!!

Yes, hold your applause, laughter, over the hill jokes....yes, I, Kevin James have turned 40! We had a great time for my birthday. Carol took me out to the Melting Pot. Man, that's a spendy place...but, fun!! Carol took the girls shopping. They ran across this little expandable garbage can for the car. Rachel asked what it was for and Carol told her it was a garbage can for cars. Rachel felt rather strongly that daddy needed that for his car!!

So we're off to the beach for a few days to "finish" my birthday. Then I'll explore the possibilities for a mid-life crisis...hmmm, fast car? Harley? Nah!!
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Testing blogging software on iPad

So just testing out some new blogging software on the iPad. Just trying to see how it posts to the website. That's about all I have to say.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Morgan's Note to Self

January2007 025
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It was just before bed time and Morgan wanted this greenish-blue dress down out of her closet to play with. I told her 'no' being so close to bedtime and that she could have it tomorrow. She through a little fit, crying that she'd forget in the morning. I still told her no, so she stomped off crying.

Then the crying suddenly stopped! She went running into the office, grabbed a sheet of paper, ran to the kitchen and started writing. I looked over her shoulder to see what she was writing...she was writing a reminder to herself!!

Translation: "Tomorrow I am going to ask mom for my greenish-blueish dress"!

She taped this to her bed and was quite proud or little 'Note to self'!