Monday, November 24, 2008


We were all just kickin' back this afternoon and Rachel was just a little upset at her big sister for bossing her around so much while they were playing. Well, mom and dad sort of diffused the situation and conversation about personalities ensued. We talked about how Rachel has a personality where she likes to befriend everyone and make everybody happy. And we pointed out that Morgan really liked organization and was a good leader, although she can get a bit which Rachel replied in her little perky voice..."Yeah, she has bossonality!"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Roofing Project 2008

So with alot of help from friends and family and alot of money and alot of time we finally have new roof on our house and garage!!! I took the week off and started the tear off on Sunday with help from my brother-in-law (thanks David!!) and friends Cris and Steve (thanks guys!!)

Tuesday rolled around and the shingles were delivered to the roof tops....right on schedule. My dad arrived and we began replacing most of the sheathing. We spent all day Tuesday bending nails and throwing our hammers (oh, and we managed to reinforce the overhang on the rakes. Wednesday morning was more of the same. Finally, I had to run Rachel up to school for her first day of kindergarden and told my dad I was coming home with new framing nail gun....the only bummer thing about that decision was I made it a day too late. Man, I love nail guns!!

Finally, we got the paneling replaced and it was time for him and Gayle to leave for home. So Thursday I built new eaves on the back of the garage. The roof line used to meet the top of the wall which resulted in the back wall of the garage being rather weathered. So adding eaves should it just look better. I spent the rest of Friday installing the remaining sheathing on the garage over the new eaves.

Alas...Friday, I began shingling the garage. It took me two days to shingle the garage which left me Sunday to shingle the house. Well, I knew that wasn't going to happen in a day so I asked for another two days off. By Sunday night I had part of the backside of the house shingled so I finally called in the calvary....C&S Roofing.

The roofing guy came out, critiqued my work....actually said I didn't do too bad for an amateur. He gave me a reasonable estimate to finish the work and make a few minor fixes (like replacing the cheap plastic vents with metal ones). By Wednesday morning my roof was all done!! Yea!

Gutter guy should install gutters later this week!
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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Electric Kitty

So the other morning...waaaaaayy early in the 4am early...Morgan came bursting into our room. Wide eyed, she told Carol, "Mom, I think Indy's on FIRE!" Carol sat up in bed with a start, after all our cats don't usually burst into flames. "Whaaatt?!"

"I just pushed Indy off my bed and SPARKS flew EVERYWHERE!"

Thus, Morgan received an early morning lesson in static electricity :-)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oh yeah, I have a blog...

Oh my...haven't posted squat since August. Well, here let me fix that...

Well, probably the biggest change since August is...well, me. Back in October I was diagnosed with diabetes, type 2. How did I find out...just your basic, run of the mill physical. Fortunately, I didn't put it off, but just got it done and as a result...fortunately, we caught this very early.

So from the day I found out I completely changed what I ate, how much I ate, ramped up my exercise from...well, nothing to 2 miles walk/run 3 days/1 day off. As a result I've dropped about 52 lbs!!

I've cut my portion sizes literally in half, but surprisingly I don't feel hungry all the time because I've replaced alot of those boxed, processed foods with healthier, well balanced whole foods. That and I've had to lower my carbohydrates ALOT to keep my blood sugar under control. The good news is my blood chemistry now shows no sign of diabetes (even though I'm still diabetic). I occasionally get reminded I'm still diabetic when someone slips me regular Pepsi at a restaurant. That spikes my blood sugar pretty good.

So for some time now I've wanted a new PocketPC or iPhone. I'm just a very gadgetty guy. I never guessed my new favorite gadget would be a blood glucose meter (okay, I'll take what I can get!) Anyhow, this meter takes only 5 seconds to test and takes very little blood. And doesn't hurt.

It's sad it took this to kick me into gear, but as I read somewhere, "the best way to live a long, healthy life is to get a chronic disease". I simply have no choice now, which strangely enough makes all these changes seem rather easy...most of the time. I find keeping my eyesight rather...uh...motivating :)

Everyone else is doing well. Morgan is just totally jazzed with her gymnastics class. She just bounces around while she's waiting her turn on whatever apperatus they're doing next. Her strange and energy really shine in gymnastics. Her little stomach is just rock-hard. Rachel is taking a ballet class once a week. Every now and then she just strikes a pose in ballet that makes you go, "wow, what a graceful creature she is". I think we picked two activities that match the girls very well in their own special ways. Thanks everyone who pitched for these classes on Christmas!! You can catch some short video of 'em on our Google Picasa site.

That's it for now....