Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Roofing Project 2008

So with alot of help from friends and family and alot of money and alot of time we finally have new roof on our house and garage!!! I took the week off and started the tear off on Sunday with help from my brother-in-law (thanks David!!) and friends Cris and Steve (thanks guys!!)

Tuesday rolled around and the shingles were delivered to the roof tops....right on schedule. My dad arrived and we began replacing most of the sheathing. We spent all day Tuesday bending nails and throwing our hammers (oh, and we managed to reinforce the overhang on the rakes. Wednesday morning was more of the same. Finally, I had to run Rachel up to school for her first day of kindergarden and told my dad I was coming home with new framing nail gun....the only bummer thing about that decision was I made it a day too late. Man, I love nail guns!!

Finally, we got the paneling replaced and it was time for him and Gayle to leave for home. So Thursday I built new eaves on the back of the garage. The roof line used to meet the top of the wall which resulted in the back wall of the garage being rather weathered. So adding eaves should it just look better. I spent the rest of Friday installing the remaining sheathing on the garage over the new eaves.

Alas...Friday, I began shingling the garage. It took me two days to shingle the garage which left me Sunday to shingle the house. Well, I knew that wasn't going to happen in a day so I asked for another two days off. By Sunday night I had part of the backside of the house shingled so I finally called in the calvary....C&S Roofing.

The roofing guy came out, critiqued my work....actually said I didn't do too bad for an amateur. He gave me a reasonable estimate to finish the work and make a few minor fixes (like replacing the cheap plastic vents with metal ones). By Wednesday morning my roof was all done!! Yea!

Gutter guy should install gutters later this week!
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Dade said...

Nice! It feels great when you knock off those big projects.