Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oh yeah, I have a blog...

Oh my...haven't posted squat since August. Well, here let me fix that...

Well, probably the biggest change since August is...well, me. Back in October I was diagnosed with diabetes, type 2. How did I find out...just your basic, run of the mill physical. Fortunately, I didn't put it off, but just got it done and as a result...fortunately, we caught this very early.

So from the day I found out I completely changed what I ate, how much I ate, ramped up my exercise from...well, nothing to 2 miles walk/run 3 days/1 day off. As a result I've dropped about 52 lbs!!

I've cut my portion sizes literally in half, but surprisingly I don't feel hungry all the time because I've replaced alot of those boxed, processed foods with healthier, well balanced whole foods. That and I've had to lower my carbohydrates ALOT to keep my blood sugar under control. The good news is my blood chemistry now shows no sign of diabetes (even though I'm still diabetic). I occasionally get reminded I'm still diabetic when someone slips me regular Pepsi at a restaurant. That spikes my blood sugar pretty good.

So for some time now I've wanted a new PocketPC or iPhone. I'm just a very gadgetty guy. I never guessed my new favorite gadget would be a blood glucose meter (okay, I'll take what I can get!) Anyhow, this meter takes only 5 seconds to test and takes very little blood. And doesn't hurt.

It's sad it took this to kick me into gear, but as I read somewhere, "the best way to live a long, healthy life is to get a chronic disease". I simply have no choice now, which strangely enough makes all these changes seem rather easy...most of the time. I find keeping my eyesight rather...uh...motivating :)

Everyone else is doing well. Morgan is just totally jazzed with her gymnastics class. She just bounces around while she's waiting her turn on whatever apperatus they're doing next. Her strange and energy really shine in gymnastics. Her little stomach is just rock-hard. Rachel is taking a ballet class once a week. Every now and then she just strikes a pose in ballet that makes you go, "wow, what a graceful creature she is". I think we picked two activities that match the girls very well in their own special ways. Thanks everyone who pitched for these classes on Christmas!! You can catch some short video of 'em on our Google Picasa site.

That's it for now....


Bernard said...

Hello there

I stumbled across your blog due to a Google daily news pointer.

Congratulations on the weight loss, that's a great achievement.

If you're new to type 2, you may want to check out the diabetes social networking site, It's a great site for information and general support. Lots of folks with type 2 and type 1(my type) on this site.

There's also a very active diabetes blogging community. A good place to look for useful blogs is the Diabetes OC blog.

Best of luck. By the way, which meter are you using? Did anyone tell you about the BD Ultra Fine 33 lancets? You can buy these at a lot of drugstores. They are really fine and make blood sugar testing a lot easier.

thejamesranch said...

Thanks for the links! I already discovered TuDiabetes, but not the other site.

I'm using the Bayer Contour. It'll store 400+ readings, but I download 'em to my computer so I can analyze the results using their software. Makes it really easy to see patterns emerging from the results. Thanks for the tips on the lancets!

Dade said...

Hey, Kevin.

Wow! That's big news about your health. Kudos to you for getting right on it. 52 pounds?!? I doubt I'll recognize you next time I see you.

Funny how one's body has a way of communicating that "Hey, we've hit the 100K mile mark...time to start paying close attention to the service schedule." I can relate.

Oh, and Kevin, don't neglect that most inconvenient of necessities...the colonoscopy!!!!