Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cows for sale

So we just got back from dad and Gayle's cabin. This was probably one of our busier trips down to their cabin and we had 6 days of fun. We hiked and swam up around Lake of the Woods, did the water slides at Emigrant Lake with my nephew Devon, visited Lithia Park in Ashland, canoed in Klamath Lake and did some hiking up around Crater Lake.

As many times as I've been to Crater Lake I had never driven around the Rim. It's usually been closed when I've been up there in the past. However, it was a bright sunny day, only 65 degrees and the rim was open so we drove about halfway around the rim. The village near the lodge is nice, but some of the best viewing is along that Rim drive.

On the way down from Crater Lake we found a little picnic area next to a stream. We had the picnic area to ourselves and Morgan and Rachel played for hours in maybe a 20 foot stretch of stream building damns, mud pies, etc. Carol and I just hung out feeding the chipmunks and birds along the stream bank. I think Morgan and Rachel will likely remember that stream more than anything!!

Okay, so one funny story....while driving up to Crater Lake we drove through some cattle country on the north end of Klamath Lake. While driving along Rachel, who loves cows, practically came out of her seat with excitement, exclaiming "Dad! Those COWS are for SALE!!" I asked her what made her think that to which she replied "...look they have tags in the ears". Yes, all the cows had bright yellow ID tags hangin' from their ears. ID tags...price tags....what's the difference!!!

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Dade said...


Excellent! I didn't know you had a blog. I'm going to add a link from my blog.

Crater Lake, Lithia Park, Lake of the Woods, Emigrant Lake....all excellent examples of what Oregon has to offer.

Merry, merry to you and your family.

Take care,