Thursday, December 28, 2006

Morgan's Goin' to Montana!

Wow! Long time since I've posted anything. Thought I'd start with a recent funny story...

So for a couple weeks prior to Christmas Morgan was talking about going to Montana. She drew herself some maps, asked lot's of questions about what she should bring, and was particularly interested in where the wild horses might be in Montana.

Having just seen the movie Flicka, we played right along with her great "imagination". Well, one day she announced "today, was the day she was heading for Montana". She scurried around gathering her supplies and talked a little boy that Carol watches for daycare into going with her. She had all her stuff packed in a backpack including, among other things, rope, her map, and water (Carol was a little confused when she got upset that she couldn't have "real water"). Finally, she told Carol they were going out to get their bikes and then they'd be off.

Carol told her to be careful in the garage, figuring they'd ride around in the garage "pretending" to go to Montana. Rachel stayed in the house with Carol so after a few minutes Carol went out to check on Morgan and Carl...they weren't in the garage, they weren't in the backyard, and they weren't in the pasture! Finally, she looked up the driveway and they were about half way up the driveway...bikes, backpacks and all!

Turns out...Morgan wasn't kidding!! She was actually headed for Montana to catch herself a wild horse! She threw quite a fit when Carol explained that she couldn't actually go to Montana. After all it was "too far and she couldn't go on the busy road". Morgan exclaimed, "but, mom...I know how to be careful on the busy road!!".

...I think we better get that girl a horse soon or she's bound and determined to go catch one herself!!

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